31 Styczeń 2019

Battecha KH, Soliman ES. (2015) Utilization of pulsed electromagnetic field and traditional physiotherapy in knee osteoarthritis management. Int J Physiother Res, Vol 3(2):978-85.

Aim: Evaluate if the use of PEMF (with Easy terza serie) in addition to traditional physical program (ultrasounds+ exercise) produces better clinical results in patients with knee OA.
Study Design: 20 patients allocated to 2 groups. Group A – PEMF+ultrasounds+exercise and Group B- Ultrasounds+ Exercise. Assessment of ROM, VAS and WOMAC were performed pre and post 4 week program
Results: Improvement for both groups. Easy terza serie treated group had significantly better results for each parameter respect to traditional physical program alone group.
Conclusion: The addition of PEMF to traditional physical program in managing knee OA patients produced a greater improvement in all the tested parameters.