31 Styczeń 2019

Abdel-aziem AA, Soliman ES, Mosaad DM, Draz AH (2018)Effect of a physiotherapy rehabilitation program on knee osteoarthritis in patients with different pain intensitiesJ. Phys. Ther. Sci. 30: 307–312


Aim: To examine the effect of physiotherapy rehabilitation program on moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA) in patients with different pain intensities
Study Design: 60 patients divided in 3 groups based on pain level (mild, moderate and severe) were treated using the protocol described by Battecha and Solina (see paper described below). The protocol comprised PEMF therapy with Easy terza serie, ultrasounds and stretching and strengthening exercises. Evaluations have been carried out before and after a 4-week rehabilitation program and included Range Of Motion, isometric quadriceps strength, VAS and WOMAC.
Results: All the groups have improved respect to all the parameters, the group that had the best results was the one with moderate pain
Conclusion: The rehabilitation program decreased the pain intensity and improved ROM, isometric quadriceps strength and functional performance in all the groups of OA patient, being especially effective in the group of patients with moderate pain.