Aquai Dry hydromassage membrane unit

Effective & powerful

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Designed for a comfortable, soothing relaxation experience

AQUAI has a wide range of uses in wellness and fitness. It perfectly suits rehabilitation centers. It is also a very good option for relaxation rooms in companies.

A patient in a rehabilitation center or a guest in a SPA center can experience the beneficial power of hydro massage without getting wet. The massage is done through a layer of specially designed membrane.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • Improvement in blood circulation and metabolism
  • Increase in oxygen transport in muscles
  • Improvement in movement range of extremities
  • Tension relief
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Well-being

Enhancing lives

Which patients can you recommend AQUAI to?


Modern pace of life, work and family problems make many of your patients more stressed than ever. They take too little time for themselves. With AQUAI you can offer them an ideal way to relax along with various health-boosting effects.


Recent studies found that over 70% of our population has backache or other chronic conditions. They require your particular attention while AQUAI provides an ideal addition to your prescribed treatment.


AQUAI offers a beneficial service for patients especially interested in their health and well-being, that keep their body in shape, eat healthy and try to boost their immune system and metabolism.

Relaxing Muscles

Highly repetitive activities, sitting, standing still, all kinds of office work or physical exertion usually lead to backache. They occur both in shoulder and neck areas as well as lumbar region. Tension or muscles hardening can be a reason of serious injuries such as slipped disc. AQUAI is a perfect solution for treating these problems.

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Thanks to the unique features of the AQUAI, your work with the patient has never been so intuitive. Extremely robust and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and trouble-free handling.

Device features:

  • 6 programmable and independent zones
  • All jets can work simultaneously
  • Dry water massage nozzles with increased durability
  • Adjustable massage zone order and frequency
  • 6 standard programs
  • 1 user program
  • Membrane surface temperature setting adjustable from 30 to 40°C
  • Adjustable treatment time (1 - 30 min)
  • Delayed start at programmed preset times
  • Adjustable frequency and sequence of zones
  • Integrated heating system
  • Internal water cooling system maintains water temperature during preset hours regardless of the number of treatments
  • No need to connect to water tap permanently
  • Easily accessible modern colour touch panel

Comfortable water temperature

30 to 40°C

Easy installation

230 or 400 V

Soft music from two speakers

Audio option

Motion sickness protection

Unique membrane

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Easy to get on & off

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Comfortable design

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Ideal for SPA

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User-friendly interface

Effective & powerful massage

Massage zones foto

6 independent zones

Massage zones foto

Discover the new level of dry hydromassage.

Now it is for you to decide which body part is massaged. Easily program each of the 6 fully independent working zones for better treatment results. Entire body hydromassage for deep relaxation, shoulders for neck pain relief, thighs and shins for movement improvement.

Step into the revolutionary world of AQUAI and provide your patients the greatest treatment experience ever!

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User-friendly interface

Interface foto
Interface foto 1

Main screen

  • Adjusting settings before and during treatment session
  • Selecting required program, length of the treatment, sequence of zone changes and other settings during the session
  • Welcome screen after 3 minutes of inactivity
Interface foto 2

Configuration screen

  • Water temperature adjustment from 30 to 40°C
  • Bottom LED light colour selection
  • Easy access to User Program edit screen
  • Automatic preparation setup screen
  • Quick clock setup access
Interface foto 3

User program edit

  • Posibility of zone selection for each step
  • Displaying currently working zones (yellow) and subsequent zones (blue)
  • Up to 6 zones working in a sequence of a program
  • Up to 3 zones working at the same time


Size (L x W x H)

237 x 114 x 70 cm

Protection class



220 l

Power supply

230 or 400 V

Max. load

135 kg

The basin and it's enclosure are made of polyester resin, reinforced with glass fibre. These materials guarantee long-lasting, trouble-free operation of the device. The water system, with the exception of connection pieces and valves, is made of PVC, which ensures it's reliability.

Additional options

A system supporting the sale of treatment sessions using stored-value cards; together with top-up software.

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High-quality speaker system with sound input from an external device such as HiFi, MP3 or Bluetooth.

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