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PIO walking simulator

A device for patients with which allows them to synchronize their movements in order to achieve coordination while exercising in the upright position.

Multitronic MT-4

Two therapies in one device

Vacuum massage machine InVacMed

A modern 2-channel device for combined vacuum massage and electroterapy treatment. The efficiency and intensity of the therapeutic treatment by vacuum wave is increased with the use of electrotherapy.

Axelero Reha - medical treadmill

AXELERO Reha professional medical treadmill in version for Rehabilitation

Massage and treatment table Safari Jaguar P3

3 section massage and treatment table

Adjustable hygiene chair Mohican II

MoHiCan II by the means of remote control allows the caregiver or patient itself easy maneuvering and changing the height or inclination of the seat, enabling the patient to receive and remain in the fixed position for even a long time during daily hygiene and toilet activities. It is suitable for use in hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing houses, homes and...

Massage and treatment table Safari Puma S4

4 section massage and treatment table

Massage and treatment table Safari Leopard S5

5 section massage and treatment table

Intensive Care System JZM PANEL 2000

Modern system meeting the highest EU requirements set for Intensive Care Units. Rail panel system supplying electric power and medical gases in Intensive Care Units, cardiology and post-operation rooms of hospitals and clinics. It is also suitable for wards.

Osteopathic table - Terapeuta Prestige O-P5

5-section table for osteopathy and manual therapy with postural drainage.

Pacific Fiji - 5- or 7-section professional couch for...

Exclusive 7 and 5-section couches are made with the highest care from materials providing trouble-free operation for many years. Aesthetic design will turn your surgery into a unique place where everyone will feel special.

Freewalker - neuorological walker

Neurological Walker with variable height adjustments. The lower limbs are relieved by supporting the body with upholstered brackets. Solid construction of the walker with 4 directional wheels.

Fine motoric tables without resistance for manual hand...

Fine motoric tables without resistance for manual hand exercises.

Fine motoric tables with resistance for manual hand...

Fine motoric tables with resistance for manual hand exercises KTM.

Axelero - stress test treadmill

Axelero is a medical treadmill designed for cardiac rehabilitation. This modern medical device is intended to work with popular protocols used by stress test systems. Axelero features allow the therapist to control load applied on the patient during the stress test. Axelero can both be used as a medical device or a professional exercise treadmill.

Hand trainer HANDII

HANDII is an exercise tool which can be used in the hand therapy. It is intended to increase the range of motion in the joints of the hand and muscle strength of this area.

Optotype eye chart OKO

Illuminated eye test chart with remote control. Several available optotypes. Flexible (select row or single icons), reliable and easy to operate. Auto power-off. Featuring additional optotypes, (e.g. with symbols for children).

WKD - whirlpool bath for lower limbs

WKD whirlpool tub is perfect for hydro massage of lower limbs in post-injury conditions, nervous system disorders or muscular and nervous system fatigue. Can be used professionally or  at home, it also helps to achieve balance and relax during recovery after physical or mental stress. Whirl massage lessens swelling, stimulates circulation and reduces pain...


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