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Melting and mixing fango mass device F-40/P

Melting and mixing fango mass device F-40/P

A device for melting and mixing paraffin mass.

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Melting and mixing fango mass device F-40/P


A device for melting and mixing paraffin mass.

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Product specification Melting and mixing fango mass device F-40/P it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Product features:

  • consists of a tank for fangoparaffin mass with a cover
  • heating elements under its bottom and on its side wall
  • structure rests on a supporting frame with two legs fitted to the working table
  • mixer equipped with an automatic mixing arm which is started every few minutes to maintain even temperature of the mass in the container and protects the mass from delaminating
  • heated drain valve of the mixer, which prevents the mass from congealing
  • mixing arm drive is stopped automatically when the cover is lifted
  • corrosion-resistant steel elements (easy to clean)
  • housing made from rolled stainless steel sheet
  • working parameters presented on large display placed on portable panel
  • electronic controller enables programming of the following functions:
    Heating: normal operation in temperature from 55 to 80o C
    Mixing: forced mass mixing (accelerated heating process of added cold mass)
    Sterilization of the mass within a defined temperature range
    Start in: delayed operation after a programmed number of hours

Technical data:

Temperature range:
55 - 80 °C
Working volume of container:
40 l
Sterilization temperature:
110 °C
Power supply:
400 V / 50 Hz
750 x 640 x 660 mm
Power consumption:
2,3 kW
90 kg


  • Foil lengh 1000mb, width 65cm
  • Foil for APS 10 rolls (roll: lengh 50 cm, width 50 cm)
  • Interlining 2 rolls, each lengh 200mb, width 50cm
  • Warming Copresses filled with paraffin 360 x 280 mm (10 units)
  • Foil hanger
  • Double hanger: foil+interlining
  • Foil knife
  • stand for additional traces
  • aluminium traces for C-14 (60x40x2 cm)

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