Osteopathic table - Terapeuta Prestige O-S5


5-section table for osteopathy and manual therapy.

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Osteopathic table designed by Meden-Inmed is created for osteopathists and manual therapists. The width of the table has been changed to provide the most ergonomic posture during the procedure. Wide range of modifications gives therapists the freedom of movement and simplifies the use of the osteopathic techniques.


  • 5-section table for osteopathy and manual therapy,
  • Narrow (31 cm), adjustable head section from -70° to +40° with gas spring,
  • Face hole on head section with removable face hole cover,
  • Raisable side sections allowing broadening of middle section if necessary,
  • Adjustable leg section from 0° to +85° with 2 gas springs,
  • Release handle of gas spring system in leg section accessible from both sides of the table,
  • Two-layer padding with non-flammable, bio-compatible and scratchproof upholstery in many colours,
  • Powder coated, extremely stable steel frame,
  • 2 side brackets for fixation of stabilization belts and elastic bands,
  • Traction support sleeves,
  • Personal Authorization System with 2 safety magnetic keys,
  • Hallotronic® System for electric high/low height adjustment from 47 to 95 cm with capacity up to 225 kg,
  • Powder coated steel high/low height adjustment foot bar accessible from each side of the table,
  • Non-slip rubber feet with 1 cm height adjustment allowing levelling of the table,
  • Ergonomic design.

Ordering information:

O-S5.F0: 5-section table for osteopathy and manual therapy with basic wheeling system composed of 2 small wheels and 2 legs with non-slip rubber feet.

O-S5.F4: 5-section table for osteopathy and manual therapy with dual-lever retractable castor wheeling system composed of 4 directional castors with central brake and 4 legs with non-slip rubber feet.

Technical data:

2050 x 590 mm
Number of sections:
Head-rest inclination angle:
92/107 kg
Maximum capacity:
225 kg
Power supply:
230 V / 50 Hz
Height adjustment:
47-95 cm

Update date: 03-08-2022, 08:55

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