VertiUp / VertiUp Plus - mobile patient lift


Available in two versions (both with electrical base legs adjustment):

VertiUp - a lift designed to care for patients whose weight does not exceed 250 kg.

VertiUp Plus - a lift designed for patients whose weight does not exceed 310 kg.

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This type of lift is designed for vertical lifting/ lowering of the disabled persons. It combines the adventages of an electrically adjustable sling bar with the precision and power of vertical lifting, therefore it has many possibilities and applications.

A very large range of arm movement allows easy lifting the patients from the bathtub, wheelchair and even floor and safe transport them to the bathroom, toilet or even to a high bed in a comfortable (smooth adjustable) position. Especially recommended for care of overweight or obese patients (even up to 310 kg).

VertiUp - product features:

Wide lifting range

Wide lifting range - possibility to lift up even from the floor.

Patient comfort

Patient comfort - smooth adjustment of the optimal position.

Easy operation

Easy operation - via remote control or built-in keyboard.

Technical data:

VertiUpVertiUp Plus
Base legs spreading: electricalelectrical
Type of hanger bar: electricelectric
Max load [kg]: 250310
Lenght [cm]: 135142,8
Width [cm]: 68,268
Height [cm]: min. 188 / max. 225min. 188 / max. 225
Lifting range [cm]: 34 - 172,234 - 172,2
Min. turning radius [cm]: 7678
Min. base width (int. / ext.) [cm]: 53,5 / 68,253,4 / 68
Max. base width (int. / ext.) [cm]: 125,9 / 140,6132,9 / 144,7
Base legs height [cm]: 11,311,1
Wheels diameter [cm]: 10 / 12,57,5 / 12,5
Weight [kg]: 8386
Noise level (max.) [dB] 5555
Battery capacity [Ah]: 2,92,9

Update date: 03-08-2022, 09:27

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