Kriopol R - Bryza II


Cryotherapy device Kriopol R - Bryza II, is a product for cryotherapeutic procedures, often used by specialists in physiotherapy and cosmetic clinics.

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Kriopol R - Bryza II

Benefits for patients:

  • Reduced pain
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced activity of the inflammatory process
  • Reduced use of anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic medications• Reduced tension of skeletal muscles
  • Faster regeneration and recovery
  • Improved motion in the treated joints• Faster treatment process
  • Reduced swelling
  • Alleviation of past-burn conditions


  • Pressure-free, safe and easy to use
  • Delivered with tank YDS-30 of capacity 31,5 l
  • Different tank capacities YDS-15/30/50 corresponding to the client’s needs (tank : 15 or 50 as option)
  • Unique technology to maintain the elasticity of the tube supplying the nitrogen vapours onto the patient’s skin
  • Ready-to-use: 30 seconds after starting it reaches the working temperature of -160 degrees Celsius
  • Does not cause cold burns, as the vapour stream is homogeneous and does not contain droplets of liquid nitrogen
Bryza II


Temperature at noozle exit [°C]: -160
Temp. 10 cm, from nozzles [°C]:-130
Time to reach working temperature: 30seconds
Display: LED
Tank capacity [l]: 31,5 l (25,2 kg)
Number of treatments (YDS-30) per 1 filling (1 treatment = ca. 3 min.) 50-80
Dimensions (W x L x H)[cm]: 47 x 60 x 120
Blow adjustment steps:4 + cryopunncture + 2 pulsed
Treatment time [min.]:ca. 3
Coolant: Liquid nitrogen
Power supply [V/Hz]: 230/50

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