Single person Cryochamber AMAZING MX-4CP


Designed for small rehabilitation centres, clinics or home use, the amazing single-person cryochamber is an example of using sophisticated technology to optimise cryogenic treatment.

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Cryochamber MX-4CP

Single - person

This is a unique device in its class. It’s designed to make cryogenic treatment a pleasure, not a duty. It has a modern design, streamlined shapes give it lightness, and the technology installed makes the device maintain an even temperature to the neck.

The small size of the chamber makes it ideal for small or already developed rooms. Due to its construction it is extremely efficient. It quickly reaches the treatment temperature with little use of liquid nitrogen.

The source of cold in the cryogenic chamber is liquid nitrogen, supplied from an external cryogenic tank. Cryogenic tanks available on the market have different capacities and sizes, and their choice depends mainly on the number of treatments provided, i.e. the amount of gas consumption.

Single person cryochamber MX-4CP
Single person cryochamber MX-4CP
Single person cryochamber MX-4CP

Avalaible for everyone

Simple to use, intuitive, built with the idea that its shape and form will evoke positive feelings in patients of all ages.

The cryo-chamber menu is clear, contrasting and designed to be readable in all lighting conditions. Different icon colours indicate the process the cryo-chamber undertakes, and the displayed animations illustrate its progress.

The cryochamber is also dedicated to athletes from every field of professional and amateur sports for biological regeneration and optimal preparation for the competition. To test the device we invited players from Invictus sports club, which organizes trainings of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. After the procedure, the athletes went for kinesitherapy.

CRYO-CHAMBER - Safety requirements:

  • Before operating and operating the device, the operating personnel should be trained by the Manufacturer.
  • The patient using the procedure must be dressed in clogs and a complete outfit to protect sensitive body parts for patients using cryogenic chamber procedures at temperatures down to - 160ºC (body, shorts, socks, gloves).
  • Please make sure that the patient entering the cabin has no jewellery.
  • The patient must not breathe the mixture of cold gases in the cryo-chamber cabin.
  • The cryochamber should be placed in a room with well-functioning mechanical ventilation.
  • It is necessary to place an oxygen analyzer near the cryo-chamber, which informs us about the drop of oxygen content in the room below 19%.
  • The patient is informed about the completion of the procedure with voice information through a loudspeaker.

Premises requirements:

  • The device should be placed in a separate room,
  • It is preferable that one of the walls of the room is the external wall of the building. This will make it easier to make punctures to eject postoperative gases (other solutions are also possible),
  • Room measuring not less than 12 to 15 m² and not less than 260 cm high,
  • Room door not less than 80x200cm,
  • Efficient mechanical ventilation with an adequate number of replacements per hour. Not less than 6 replacements per hour (include in the room ventilation balance the capacity of the cryogenic exhaust fans estimated at about 650 m3/hour of the unit operation,
  • Have two outlets (holes) with a diameter of 160 mm from the room to the outside of the building (possibility of making holes by the supplier for an additional fee),
  • Have a hole with a diameter of min. 150 mm to carry out the cryogenic installation connecting the cryogenic tank to the cryogenic chamber in case the tank is outside the building,
  • Direct current connection (box) with 3x2.5mm² power cord. The power supply line must be equipped with an earth leakage circuit breaker and protection C16 or B20 Amper,
  • Have an efficient analyser of oxygen concentration in the air (oxygen detector) indicating a drop in oxygen content below 19% (the analyser is not included in the scope of delivery of the cryogenic chamber, however, it is possible to purchase the analyser from a supplier),
  • After the end of the procedure indicated by the appropriate voice message „End of the procedure”, the patient leaves the treatment chamber by closing the door of the treatment chamber behind him and then goes to the kinesitherapy,
  • Every patient undergoing cryotherapy should be informed about the rules of behaviour inside the cryogenic chamber during the procedure,
  • It is recommended that there should be no swimming pools, whirlpools or other devices that significantly increase room humidity in the immediate vicinity of the cryogenic chamber.
Single person cryochamber MX-4CP


Height: 2480 mm/2100mm
Width: 1610mm/1100 mm
Length: 1460 mm/2210mm
Mass of the cryo-chamber with the patient: 260 +/- 340 kg
Patient height: 150 +/- 200 cm
Number of patients: 1
Operating temperature range: -100 - -160 °C
Coolant: Liquid nitrogen
Treatment time: up to 3 min.
Cooldown time: 4 - 10 min.
Maximum time interval between the successive screenings: 2 min
Liquid consumption during treatments: ~ 1 - 1.5 kg/min
Liquid consumption during cooling down: ~ 7 - 10 kg
Power supply: 230/50 V/Hz
Nominal electricity consumption 2400 Wat
Type of work continuous running duty
Category Systemic cryotherapy

Update date: 13-05-2021, 09:29

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