Intensive Care System JZM PANEL 2000


Modern system meeting the highest EU requirements set for Intensive Care Units. Rail panel system supplying electric power and medical gases in Intensive Care Units, cardiology and post-operation rooms of hospitals and clinics. It is also suitable for wards.

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Product specification Intensive Care System JZM PANEL 2000 it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Due to limited space in the patient's bed area, this system enables its rational and ergonomical arrangement as well as an access to all necessary installations for example medical gases, electric connection, signalization and intensive attendance (our system offers service of all paging systems available in Poland). Its structure allows for individual design depending on customer's needs. It is installed on rails by means of quick action clamping, which facilitates mounting and dismounting.

For limitless creativity in setting up a specialized ICU site with full range of optional accessories. Following the requirements set for intensive therapy we produced a high quality system that meets all EU requirements. JZM Panel 2000's sleek, nonintrusive and elegant design helps create a friendly atmosphere for patients.

Systems: -rail-mounted type S&P -ceiling-mounted type V&H -free-standing type W -lighting type N -ceiling-and-floor-mounted type R

Versatile rail support system for every modern ICU

Meden 2000 S/P rail-mounted system with gas and electricity outlets in the panel installed on the wall-mounted support rail. All devices and accessories are easily mounted on the rails with quick-change holders.

Meden 2000 V/H ceiling- mounted system Rails and panels are installed on special columns hanging down from the ceiling enabling installation practically anywhere in the room, e.g. next to the windows. Available in two options: vertical and horizontal.

Meden 2000 W free-standing system Rails and panels are installed on special stands fastened to the floor which makes it possible to mount the sytem anywhere in the room, e.g. next to the windows.

Meden 2000 N lighting system Available with 1x80 W main lighting, 1x24W spotlight and 7W night light (all with electronic starters). Spotlight and night light operated via remote control and mail switch located on the panel.

Meden 2000 R ceiling-and-floor-mounted system Suitable for rooms where installing panels or rails on the walls is not possible and the ceiling cannot bear the load of the standard Meden 2000 type H panel. All media for the R system must be provided from the ceiling.

All panels are powder-painted in a selected RAL colour. Meden-Inmed reserves itself a right to change colour, design and otherwise improve the product without prior notice.

Update date: 02-10-2020, 11:13

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