Ring medical shower Bryza type NPL2


Shower cabin Bryza is dedicated to conduct a therapeutic procedure using water massaging properties and temperature.

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Product specification Ring medical shower Bryza type NPL2 it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Product features:

  • free-standing console made of gelcoat reinforced with glass fiber
  • water pipe installation made of copper pipes covered with white powder paint
  • temperature control fo one source (1 thermostat)
  • electronic control panel with temperature indicator
  • valve for fast water change (warm-cold)
  • thermometer
  • valve to regulate and cut off the pressure

Additional options:

PUMP - The pump stabilizing pressure for use in case of low pressure in the water supply network.

Treatment possibilities:

  • Cold and cool showers - with water temperature between 10-20°C. Shower lasts from a few seconds to a minute. Water showers toughen the body, stimulate metabolism and raise the blood pressure. Often used after hot hydrotherapy procedures, like balneological bath or sauna.
  • Warm showers - with water temperature between 32-37°C. Shower lasts from 3 to 5 minutes. Recommended in neurosis, sleeplessness and neuralgias.
  • Hot showers - water temperature between 38-42°C. Shower duration takes 5-10 minutes. It stimulates metabolism, increases sweating and vasodilation, lowers the blood pressure. Hot showers provide general relaxation and sedation of the patient.
  • Cold / warm showers - water temperature 32-37°C for approx. 1 minute, then 10-20°C for approx. 45 sec. Shower duration should last for 5 minutes. It toughens the body, relaxes and stimulates metabolism of the patient.

Cage features:

  • • Piping of the shower cage is made from corrosion-resistant materials
  • • Shower cage is operated from a dedicated console NPL2
  • • Shower head
  • • 2 independent zones: 1-shower from above, 2-shower from sides

Technical data:

Cold and warm water pressure [bar]:
Warm water temperature [°C]:
max. 60
Power consumption (version with PUMP) [kW]:
Dimensions NPL2 (H x W x L) [cm]:
100 x 67 x 56
Dimensions CAGE (H x W x L) [cm]:
226 x 89 x 95

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Update date: 01-03-2019, 13:13

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