WKD - whirlpool bath for lower limbs


WKD whirlpool tub is perfect for hydro massage of lower limbs in post-injury conditions, nervous system disorders or muscular and nervous system fatigue. Can be used professionally or  at home, it also helps to achieve balance and relax during recovery after physical or mental stress. Whirl massage lessens swelling, stimulates circulation and reduces pain and muscle tension.

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Product specification WKD - whirlpool bath for lower limbs it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Temperature and angle of the strems can be regulated which allows for delicate but effective hydro massage adjusted to your needs.

Product features:

  • Basin available in two colours: white or calypso green,
  • Basin made from gelcoat (fibreglass mat reinforced),
  • Economical use of water – min. 120 l, max. 154 l,
  • Effective hydro massage therapy via 6 adjustable direction jet nozzles,
  • „Dry-run” pump protection system,
  • Massage intensity adjustment by supplying air to the jet nozzles,
  • Electronically controlled descaling system,
  • Electronic control panel,
  • Timer: 1-9h:59 min,
  • Temperature sensor,
  • Water level sensor,
  • Automatic filling,
  • Semi-automatic draining system,
  • Shower,
  • Smooth, profiled treatment chamber,
  • Ergonomic design.

Technical data:

Treatment capacity [l]:
ca. 120
Volume up to overflow [l]:
Filling / drainage [min.]:
Number of aeration nozzles:
Power consumption [kW]:
Supply voltage [V/Hz]:
Dimenssions (L x W x H) [cm]:
118 x 62 x 81
Weight [kg]:

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