Underwater massage bathtub Aquameden


Aquameden - underwater massage bath tub.

Elegant, robust body made of high quality acrylic resin reinforced with polyester laminate and seated on 4 adjustable height supports with rubber protective caps. Four sides of the bath tub protected by shaped laminate covers.

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Product specification Underwater massage bathtub Aquameden it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Treatment possibilities:

  • manual underwater massage using a water jet with stepless water pressure control
  • automatic hydromassage using water nozzles (JETS 11)
  • chromotherapy (CHROMO)
  • aromatherapy (AROMA)

Standard colours of the basin:

  • white
  • calypso green

Product features:

  • Basin available in two colours: white or calypso green
  • Basin made of high quality acrylic (fibreglass mat reinforced)
  • Underwater massage jet hose
  • Replaceable nozzle tips for the jet hose (option)
  • Pressure indicator (up to 4,5 bar)
  • Optional hydro massage: 8 side direction jet nozzles
  • 3 direction jet nozzles for back
  • Massage intensity adjustment by supplying air to the nozzles
  • „Dry-run” pump protection system
  • Electronic control panel
  • Timer: 1-9h:59 min.
  • Water level sensor
  • Water supply system using copper and PVC pipes (except connectors and valves)
  • Automatic water installation disinfection system
  • 2 water temperature sensors (readings taken while the tub fills up with water and during the treatment)
  • Railings and feet supports helping to maintain proper body position during treatment
  • Shower

Standard accessories:

  • steps made of anti-skid material guaranteeing comfort and safety

Additional options:

  • JETS 11: 11 nozzles for automatic hydro massage (2 x 4 for side + 3 for back)
  • CHROMO 12: chromotherapy: 12 single light sources
  • CHROMO 24: chromotherapy: 24 single light sources
  • CHROMO 36: chromotherapy: 36 single light sources
  • AIR 56: 56 aeration nozzles for air bubble massage, independent air pump
  • AUDIO: sound input from an external device such as Hi-Fi, mp3 etc, mini jack or bluetooth connection
  • AROMA: scent container, dosage during treatment by pressing a button

Technical data:

Treatment capacity (minimum) [l]:
Volume up to overflow [l]:
Filling / drainage [min]:
Water jet pressure [bar]:
Power consumption [kW]:
Supply voltage [V/Hz]:
Dimensions (L x W x H) [cm]:
235 x 100 x 96
Box dimensions/weight: [kg]:
260 x 140 x 135 cm/292 kg

Update date: 03-08-2022, 08:31

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