Balneological hydromassage tub Orionmed Balneo


Bath tub for balneological hydromassage with economical use of water - min. 160 L, max. 280 L, 26 nozzles for hydro massage without zones (all nozzles work simultaneously), pump “dry-run” protection, disinfection and descaling system, a system of removing water from the water ducts, colour touch panel, 2 temperature sensors, pump and fittings elements adapted to saline waters.

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Product specification Balneological hydromassage tub Orionmed Balneo it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Product features:

  • Basin available in two colours: white or calypso green
  • Basin made of high quality acrylic (ibreglass mat reinforced) - line inluence-resistant
  • Economical use of water during treatment (160-280 l)
  • 26 nozzles for hydro massage without zones (all nozzles work simultaneously)
  • Colour touch panel
  • Timer: 5-30 min
  • „Dry-run” pump protection system
  • Disinfection and descaling system
  • Automatic illing, draining
  • Draining system for removing water from the piping system
  • 2 temperature sensors (measurement while illing the bath and during the treatment)
  • Special pump and ittings elements adapted to saline waters
  • Rails for palm support and specially shaped parts for arms and legs that facilitate appropriate body position during treatment sessions
  • Shower
  • 2 water level sensors.

Treatment options:

  • Balneotherapy: sodium chloride waters (saline waters), thermal waters, baths with addition of liquid mud (special liquid concentrate)
  • Balneotherapy massage or regular water massage
  • Beer baths
  • Chromotherapy (CHROMO)
  • Music therapy (AUDIO)

Brine baths - indications:

  • Rheumatoid disease,
  • Joints and spine degenerations,
  • Post-traumatic osteoarthritis,
  • Increased muscle tone,
  • Neurosis,
  • Recurring respiratory infections,
  • Peripheral circulatory disorders.

Standard accessories:

  • Headrest
  • Steps

Additional options:

  • CO2: additional valve CO2
  • CHROMO 12: chromotherapy: 12 single light sources
  • CHROMO 24: chromotherapy: 24 single light sources
  • CHROMO 36: chromotherapy: 36 single light sources
  • AUDIO: sound input from an external device such as Hi-Fi, mp3 etc.
  • FOOTREST: giving people of lower height the opportunity to support the foot

Technical data:

Treatment capacity [l]:
Volume up to overlow [l]:
Filling / drainage [min]:
< 2 / ca. 4
Power consumption [kW]:
Supply voltage [V/Hz]:
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]:
214 x 85 x 85
Weight [kg]:
160 (175 fully equipped)

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Update date: 03-08-2022, 08:55

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