Adjustable hygiene chair Mohican


Mobile hygiene chair with adjustable height and positioning is protected against water, dirt or hair while bathing, shaving or grooming the patient. Adjusted with a manual remote controller for optimal positioning of the patient.

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Mohican allows for an easy access to the shower and helps in moving the patient around at home or in care facilities of all kinds. Suitable for the elderly or people with all kinds of disabilities who might need help in taking care of their personal hygiene.

Product features:

  • grips for easy movement,
  • waterproof, easy to clean backrest,
  • PU foam seat with an opening to help with patient hygiene,
  • two waterproofed, dustproofed, battery-powered actuators,
  • manual remote controller,
  • 4 blockable wheels,
  • optional headrest for maximum comfort of the patient.

Optional accessories:

  • adjustable chest belt - easy to use,
  • velcro straps for legs - easy to remove and clean,
  • extra battery - high-capacity pack for longer use.

Technical data:

Size (LxW) [cm]:
110 x 57
Distance between armrests [cm]:
Seat tilt [°]:
+7 to -30
Max. load [kg]:
Weight [kg]:
Height adjustment [cm]:
Power [V]:

Update date: 29-10-2019, 11:38

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