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Two therapies in one device

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  • Modern device for two-channel electrotherapy and laser therapy
  • Two simultaneous treatments option
  • Colour touchscreen display (4.3”)
  • User-friendly touchscreen and button controls
  • Ergonomic and lightweight probes
  • Ready to use preset treatment programs for popular treatments
  • Easy to store user-defined programs thanks to on-screen keyboard
  • Independent adjustment of treatment settings
  • Fan control feature to minimize noise and power consumption
  • Treatment duration and number of performed treatments counter
  • Can be used as portable for home treatments


  • Wide range of 1- and 2-circuit electric currents
  • CC and CV workmodes and microcurrent
  • Waves of different types (electrogymnastics)
  • Sequences of diadynamic currents
  • Acoustic signalling of a break in the treatment circuit
  • Electrode test
  • Semi-automatic electrodiagnostics (I/t curve, calculation of coefficients)
  • Safe reaction to power supply break

Multitronic MT-4 provides the following electrotheapy treatments:

  • Interferential: static (classic), dynamic, isoplanar, dipole vector, 2-pole (premodulated) and interrupted
  • Diadynamic (Bernard’s): DF, MF, RS, MM, CP, LP, CPiso, LPiso (with adjusted sequence)
  • Stimulation of flaccid paresis (medium frequency pulsed current with triangle, rectangle, trapezium, or sine modulation – both unipolar and bipolar)
  • Stimulation of spastic paresis (tonolysis) in two-channel mode
  • TENS: standard, asymmetric, alternating, including so called „irritating” modulation
  • HVS (High Voltage Stimulation)
  • Kotz / Russian stimulation
  • Träbert modulation (UR) (2-5)
  • Faradic, Neofaradic modulation
  • Various wave modulations with wide range of adjustment for electrical muscle stimulation
  • NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation)
  • FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation)
  • IDC (Interrupted Direct Current)
  • DC (Galvanization)
  • Ionophoresis
  • Microcurrent

Laser Therapy

  • Continuous and pulse mode
  • Repeat dose feature
  • Laser power sensor
Laser class3B
Treatment timer 1s÷99min

Standard accessories

  • operating manual
  • set of electrodes, viscose pads, fixing bands, cables
  • door warning labels

Optional accessories

  • Selection of different types of electrodes and other electrotherapy accessories
  • Laser probes
  • Laser protective eyewear
  • Carrying bag for device and accessories
  • Large stand for cluster laser probes

Technical data

General data
Power supply ~230V, 50Hz, 70VA
Electric protection class I, BF type
Dimensions 335 x 270 x 125 mm
Weight 3,1 kg
Electrotherapy technical data
Interferential current
Current (RMS) 0÷60mA
Interferential frequency 1÷200Hz
Medium frequency pulsed current
Amplitude 0÷100mA
Pulse amplitude (tonolysis) 0÷100mA
Pulse duration / width 5÷990ms
Break duration 100÷4000ms
Delay time (tonolysis) 5÷150ms
Diadynamic current
Mean current for DF 0÷40mA
Mean current for MF 0÷20mA
Amplitude 0÷100mA
Frequency 1÷200Hz
Pulse duration 50÷300μs
KOTZ / Russian stimulation
Amplitude 0÷100mA
TRÄBERT current / Ultra Reiz / 2-5
Amplitude 0÷100mA
GALVANIC current
Current 0÷50mA
Waves / electrical muscle stimulation
Pulse duration 0.5÷60s
Break duration 0.5÷60s
Rise and fall time 0÷100%
CV mode
Voltage 0÷100V
Voltage for TENS 0÷140V
Amplitude 0÷1000μA

Update date: 15-02-2022, 13:18

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