Reusable protective mask FFP3 Z - set of 50 pcs.


Protective mask , half mask X 310 SV FFP3 intended for respiratory protection of the user against harmful the impact of air pollutants in the form of particles solid or liquid . The mask is not a medical device.

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Product specification Reusable protective mask FFP3 Z - set of 50 pcs. it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Filtering half mask X310 SV of the class FFP3 protects the respiratory system against solid particles and aerosols , for whose TLV is ≤0.05 mg / m 3 o provided that the concentration of the dispersed phase does not exceed 30 x TLV.

Use of a FFP3 class face mask

  • high concentration of respirable dust ,
  • protects against dust containing: beryl , antimony , arsenic , cadmium , cobalt , nickel , rad , strychnine and radioactive particles

How is a FFP3 face mask built

Filtering half mask X 310 SV of the class FFP3 is built of filter material and auxiliary accessories such as headbands , exhalation valve or holders for fastening the tapes . Air inhaled from the environment passes through filter material where it is cleaned . The exhaled air is expelled to the outside through the exhalation valve located in the cup and the face part of the half mask. The canopy of the half-mask should fit tightly to the face during use.

Characteristics of the X310 filtering half mask:

  • multi-layer filter material : polypropylene
  • nose clip for formatting the half-mask around the nose;
  • exhalation valve plastic;
  • head tapes made of braided rubber threads;
  • fastening of the headband made of plastic;
  • an inner liner to improve tightness i comfort of use .

FFP3 is a RD type mask:

  • R - reusable
  • D - a half mask with this marking can be used in a dusty room (such a mask has passed the dolomite dust clogging test)

Thanks to its anatomical shape and the nose clip which is located underneath the foam, the respirator is Easy to fit for most face shapes to ensure maximum tightness .

FFFP3 class protective mask protects the respiratory system

Headband length adjustment:

Adjusting a protective mask with FFFP3 class

Length adjustment coarse

Adjusting a protective mask with FFFP3 class

Pass the tape between the fixing hooks as shown in Figure 2.

FFFP3 class protective mask adjustment

Fine adjustment - wind or unwind the tape around the individual fastening hooks - Figure 3.


Class (according to PN-EN 149 + A1: 2010)
Sodium chloride aerosol or oil mist filter material penetration
≤ 1%
Total leak
≤ 2%
Initial inspiratory resistance at 95 Lpm
≤ 300 Pa
Initial expiratory resistance 160 L / min
≤ 300 Pa


The filtering half mask X310 SV with FFP3 class complies with:

  • European harmonized standard PN-EN 149 + A1: 2009 (EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009) "Respiratory protective equipment - Filtering half masks to protect against particles. Requirements, testing, marking ”;
  • the relevant requirements of the EU harmonization legislation: Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016. on personal protective equipment and repealing Council Directive 89/686 / EEC.

* Illustrative photos - may not reflect the actual product. The offered FFP3 masks are of type R (reusable)

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