MediClean WHITE UV-C tunnel sterilizer


MediClean WHITE UV-C air sterilizer. Exposure with UV-C lamps destroys microorganisms. It has a carbon filter, the most effective disinfecting wavelength of 253.7 nm. Housing made of powder-coated steel, 9,000 hours of operation

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Tunnel sterilizer UV-C MediClean WHITE

A professional MediClean sterilizer cleans the air of volatile organic compounds, smog particles, microorganisms. Housing made of powder-coated steel, top panel - plastic. Simple operation and small dimensions allow the use of MediClean in virtually any room.

The MediClean device is designed to be used for disinfection and air purification in many areas such as: medicine (hospitals, medical practices, cosmetic surgeries, operating rooms, waiting rooms, ICU, laboratories), pharmaceutical industry , gastronomy, food industry, schools, kindergartens, offices, offices, sanatoriums, holiday homes, hairdressers, farms .

UV-C tunnel sterilizer MediClean WHITE

Air cleaning and disinfection technology UV-C MediClean

Air cleaning and disinfection with UV-C MediClean technology

UV-C lamps - the air flowing through the disinfection chamber of the device is irradiated by UV-C rays. During this time, microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mold) are eliminated.

UV-C is electromagnetic radiation in the 100-280 nm range, while the 254 nm wave used in the device is considered the most effective in the process of UV-C radiation disinfection.

The process does not leave harmful disinfectant products, and the exposure time of the air provides a lethal dose for microorganisms, destroying their genetic material by deactivating them and making the device effective and safe.

Everything takes place inside the device, so it can work in rooms where people are located, ensuring that they stay in clean air.

Advantages of MediClean UV-C

  • has a carbon filter
  • equipped with a reputable brand of UV-C irradiators
  • the most effective disinfecting wavelength 253.7 nm
  • high strength housing
  • can be used in the presence of people
  • saving
  • 9000 h of work
  • 30 month warranty
Advantages of UV-C MediClean

Technical parameters

Device power: 68W or Pro 105W
UV-C radiator power: 36 W or Pro 72 W
UV-C radiator type: Philips
Radiant life: 9000h
Radiation: 253.7nm UV-C
Device type: UV-C flow cleaner
Additional filtration: carbon filter
Performance: 160m3 / h
Noise severity: 40 dBa
Dimensions: 14x15x63cm
Production country: Poland

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Update date: 03-08-2022, 09:21

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