Defi Xpress defibrillator


A manual defibrillator with the AED option and cardioversion Defi Xpress provides a high level of medical care during the rescue operation and the entire course of treatment.

Product availability: up to 3 weeks

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Product specification Defi Xpress defibrillator it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

The Defi Xpress device is easy to use, making it easier to care for and monitor the patient's condition during transport and hospitalization.

Additional features:

3 or 5 lead ECG cable , non-invasive stimulation, saturation measurement, capnography , non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP).

Defi Xpress features:

  • biphasic defibrillation pulse,
  • built-in automatic AED function and cardioversion,
  • readable screen with a 7 "diameter,
  • function buttons that allow you to quickly change the operating mode,
  • intuitive, easy operation,
  • defibrillation capability by external paddles and electrodes single
  • integrated external defibrillation paddles for adults and children,
  • short charging time to maximum energy (9 seconds).

Update date: 03-08-2022, 09:20

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