AED Defibrillator Defi 5s


Defibrillator Defi 5s is a modern device that has the option of selecting a manual defibrillation energy level. Defi 5s allows you to treat the most common causes of sudden cardiac arrest.

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AED defibrillator - Defi 5s

AED defibrillator Defi 5s is a camera equipped with the option of manual level selection defibrillation energy . Construction of Defi 5s makes it a durable, reliable and easy to use device. Works great in schools and workplaces.

Characteristics of Defi 5s:

  • biphasic defibrillation pulse,
  • intuitive operation,
  • commands issued in Polish,
  • equipped with an automatic assessment of heart rate,
  • long battery life,
  • low weight and small size,
  • universal electrodes eliminating the need to purchase different types electrodes for particular age categories of patients,
  • possibility of data transmission,
  • help in resuscitation - a function of reminding the basics of giving first premedical help.

Update date: 03-08-2022, 09:20

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