Disinfection system with direct UV-C radiation


Due to the high effectiveness of their operation, UV-C purification systems are used wherever sterility is required, and the quality of services as well as the safety of patients and staff depends on the microbiological purity.

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Disinfection system with direct UV-C radiation

UV-C light fittings provide a safe, reliable and sustainable solution especialy for hospitals, clinics and medical centers. They are ideal for surface disinfection in hospital rooms, pharmacies, production halls, health care facilities and many others. They help protect against airborne pathogens, creating a safer and healthier indoor environment with the power oflight.

In connection with the growing risk of COVID-19 coronavirus infection, sterilization systems are great oppotunity to struggle with this problem.

Dr hab. n. med. Tomasz Dzieciątkowski, a virologist from the Medical University of Warsaw admitted that the use of UV-C systems is one of the disinfection methods. He noted, however, that this applies primarily to the surface. Then the UV-C germicidal system can really be useful. The surface should, however, be irradiated with such light for at least continuous eight hours.

Disinfection system with direct UV-C radiation
Disinfection system with direct UV-C radiation


  • hospitals,
  • schools,
  • supermarkets,
  • offices,
  • public buildings,
  • public transport,
  • restaurants,
  • logistic and warehousing,
  • petrol stations,
  • retail shops,
  • custom-made solutions.

Additional accessories:

  • wireless remote-control socket
  • tripod


  • Anti Bacteria
  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Fungus
  • Anti Mold

Technical data:

Light source [W]: 1 x 30 or 1 x 36
Coverage area (ver. 30 W / 36 W) [m2]: up to 15 / 17
Power supply [V, Hz]: 220-240, 50/60
Power consumption (ver. 30 W / 36 W) [W]: 32 / 38
UVC on HR gear [W]: min. 13,1
Dimensions (ver. 30 W / 36 W) [mm]: 165 x 940 x 135 / 165 x 1252 x 145
Weight [kg]: 6,0 / 7,0
Radiators replacement: once a year
Protective foil for a radiator: on request
Mounting: wall, ceiling or tripod
One Philips radiator: 254nm UVC
Applications: air and surface disinfection
and prevention of secondary infections
Eliminates: bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold

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Update date: 30-06-2020, 12:24

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