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  1. The Controller of personal data is Meden-Inmed Sp. z o.o. in Koszalin, str. Wenedów 2. … [read more]
  1. Address data (ie. E-mail address, City) are collected by Meden-Inmed Sp. z o.o. solely for the purpose of handling the Inquiries.
  2. The data of the data subject will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the data is processed.
  3. The data will not be made available to recipients of data within the meaning of art. 7 point 6 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.
  4. The data subject has the right to access their data and the possibility of correcting it.
  5. The data is provided by the persons they refer to voluntarily, but it is necessary for handling the Inquiries.

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