Vertimo Hi-Lo Cardio+ - Cardiologic tilting table for tilt tests


Vertimo Hi-Lo Cardio+ - Cardiologic tilting table for tilt tests.

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Product specification Vertimo Hi-Lo Cardio+ - Cardiologic tilting table for tilt tests it is not currently available, but we can prepare for you and send it within 48 hours.

Vertimo Hi-Lo table in the version Cardio + is one of the most universal and reliable cardiological table specifically designed for tilt-table testing (TTT) and syncope assessment. Thanks to a high speed actuator and a special mechanism the patient can be quickly tilted and this allows to perform a tilt test in accordance with apropriate protocol. In addition, thanks to the electrically adjustable height and adjustable headrest, on the table the doctor can easily perform diagnostic tests like: echo or ECG.

Tilt-table test is simple, noninvasive, and informative and is one of the basic tests in the diagnosis of Reflex Syncope. Reflex Syncope (Neurally Mediated Syncope/Vasovagal Syncope) is one of the most common forms of syncope (transient loss of consciousness caused by a sudden lack of blood supply to the brain, characterized by rapid onset, short duration and spontaneous complete recovery). TTT enables the reproduction of reflex syncope in a laboratory setting and measuring how patient blood pressure and heart rate respond to the force of gravity.


  • 2-section cardiological table with adjustable head and foot rests,
  • Foot rests (2) separately adjustable,
  • Fast tilting for TTT protocols,
  • 2 strong electric motors – LINAK (7,5 kN),
  • Easy electric height and tilting adjustment via manual remote control with the function of access authorization ( a special key placed in the remote control),
  • Powder coated, very stable steel frame,
  • Two-layer padding with non-flammable, bio-compatible and scratchproof upholstery in many colours,
  • Side brackets for belts attachment; additional bracket for leg belts attachment,
  • Tilt angle indicator,
  • 4 large separately lockable castors (movement and rotation lock),
  • Emergency battery back-up power supply (allows table lowering to min. height and back to horizontal position).

Technical data:

Dimension of sections:
Dimensions (length x width) [cm]:
192 x 69
Footrest length [cm]:
Table top inclination angle [°]:
Head section inclination angle [°]:
Footrest inclination angle [°]:
-30 up to +15
Height adjustment [cm]:
Max. lifting capacity (tilting) [kg]:
Max. lifting capacity (up/down) [kg]:
Weight [kg]:
Power supply [V/Hz]:

Standard accessories:

  • Fastening belts

Update date: 13-05-2021, 08:50

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