Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation

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Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation

Walking training: Eleveo (gait re-education; adopting an upright posture improves cardiovascular function); Axelero Reha (improves endurance and the functions of the circulatory and respiratory systems); Neuroforma balance module

Kinesiotherapy/Endurance: UGUL; Rehacross; Vertimo (increases muscle strength after prolonged immobilization in lying position, control upright positioning stimulates nervous system and improves blood circulation)

Hydrotherapy: Whirlpools (WKG, WKS, WKR); Aquamobil (improves circulation, relaxation, nerves stimulation)

Physical Therapy: Solmed (muscles relaxation, prevents stiffness)

Balneotherapy: Balmed; Thermomix (increases cellular metabolism, muscles relaxation, relaxation)

Massage: Safari M-P3 ; Invacmed (improves blood circulation, relaxation, muscles regeneration, increases cellular metabolism, prevents stiffness)

Efective breathing and cough exercises: Neuroforma (breathing exercises); Safari M-P3 (good for postural drainage to drain mucus out of lungs)

Cognitive exercises: Neuroforma (to train memory, improve concentration, train spatial orientation)

Systemic cryotherapy: Single-person Cryochamber (strengthens the body's immunity, improves the efficiency of the lungs and the entire respiratory system, has a positive effect on the circulatory system, increasing cell oxygenation and reducing the risk of heart diseases)

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Cognitive rehabilitation system Neuroforma

Neuroforma is a computer program for motor and cognitive rehabilitation created by neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology professionals.

Systems for dynamic unloading Eleveo

Eleveo is a training device for dynamic unloading. The Eleveo system is recommended for patients in a wide range of gait disorders.

Axelero Reha - medical treadmill

AXELERO Reha professional medical treadmill in version for Rehabilitation

Single person Cryochamber AMAZING MX-4CP

Designed for small rehabilitation centres, clinics or home use, the amazing single-person cryochamber is an example of using sophisticated technology to optimise cryogenic treatment.

Treatment cage UGUL

Treatment Cage for Pulley Therapy, a cage for exercises and partial (segmental) or total body suspension, detachable panels (rectangular steel grids) at the top and 3 sides.


RehaCross - Wall station for tubing/bands exercises.

Vertimo Hi-Lo medical tilt table for early verticalization

Vertimo Hi-Lo - table for verticalization and mobilization. It is an excellent aid for patients after prolonged immobilization in lying position.

Vertimo Classic medical tilt table for early verticalization

Professional tilt tables designed for tilting patients with neurological disorders, with constant height and electrically adjustable tilt angle.

Vertimo Hi-Lo Cardio+ - Cardiologic tilting table for tilt tests

Vertimo Hi-Lo Cardio+ - Cardiologic tilting table for tilt tests.

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