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Other treatment and massage tables

Tables for osteopathy and manual therapy are an integral element of treatment rooms. Multifunctional tables provide an optimal posture for both therapist and patient during the procedures. Rehabilitation and treatment tables guarantee high efficiency of work and ensure long and trouble-free use.

Hydraulic massage and treatment table NEXUS-H

Hydraulic massage and treatment table NEXUS-H

Matador massage and treatment table

Massage and treatment table Matador is a perfect choice for massage, kinesiotherapy and physical therapy.

Massage couch Terapeuta Start 2

2 - section rehabilitation table without height adjustment, adjustment of head-rest: +40°, height: 660 mm.

WaveMotion Ellipse massage tables

Calling to mind Watsu aquatic movements, the WaveMotion™ Bodywork table facilitates fluid movements to enhance bodywork treatments. The top rotates 360°, plus it inclines and tilts up to 7° in all any direction. With each massage application, the table gently rocks the client, providing additional therapeutic benefits. 

Osteopathic table - Terapeuta Prestige O-P5

5-section table for osteopathy and manual therapy with postural drainage.

Massage and treatment table NEXUS

A table for manual massage and Wellness Nexus procedures.

Medical tilt table for early verticalization Vertimo

Professional tilt tables designed for tilting patients with neurological disorders, with constant height and electrically adjustable tilt angle.

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