Other medical devices and equipment

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Other medical devices and equipment

Other medical devices and equipment available in our offer include equipment necessary for treatment rooms and hospitals, such as ICS panels, treatment tables and examination chairs, screens, medical trolleys and stools.

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Electrode tester Elza

Pocket-sized electrode tester for electrotherapy.

Medical saddle stool with wheels FLEXI

FLEXI Saddle stool: Lightweight and comfortable stool for physicians and therapist with chrome-plated base and column

Urological and urodynamic examinations chair Mars

A chair designed for gynaecology examination and treatment.

Rehabilitation Mattress 180cm x 90cm x 5cm

Foldable Rehabilitation Mattress for rehabilitation and remedial gymnastics.

Universal gynecological chair Wenus

Universal gynecological chair Wenus, independent electronic control of backrest and seat inclination and height adjustment of the whole chair by means of the manual control unit.

Trolmed medical trolley type SPA-2

Trolmed trolley type SPA-2 designed mainly for physioterapy equipment. Proper shelves configuration for convenient placement of various medical devices.

Medical stool with wheels STANDARD

Round stool - Seat upholstered with poromeric leather.

Magnetic field tester

Pocket-size magnetic field tester

Baby changing table SDN-1

SDN-1 baby changing table is your aid in care and examination of babies and infants at doctor's surgeries or at home.

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Vacuum therapy devices

Vacuum therapy devices

Vacuum therapy is a therapeutic method based on the action of a pulse-sucking vacuum wave. Physical therapy with this method improves blood circulation, supports the treatment of wounds and scars, improving the flexibility and tissue vascularization. Vacuum therapy devices have an analgesic and muscle tone reducing effect.

Eye test chart and optotypes

Eye test chart and optotypes

Electronic, illuminated eye test charts with interchangeable optotypes and remote control. The eye test boards are easy to operate, made from the highest quality materials.

Thermotherapy equipment

Thermotherapy equipment

Thermotherapy is a kind of treatment using high temperatures. Heat is delivered to the body by warm baths, wraps or massages. Thermotherapy is used in the treatment of cardiovascular, urinary and digestive disorders, as well as rheumatic or skin problems.



Magnetotherapy is a form of physiotherapy, which uses pulsating magnetic field to create electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy penetrates all system structures which runs physiological processes especially within biological membranes.

Electrotherapy and lasertherapy

Electrotherapy and lasertherapy

Electrotherapy is rehab or medical treatment. Electrotherapy devices stimulates muscles and nerves with electricity with specified frequency.

Laser therapy is a medical treatment which uses focused light. It's high level of precision focuses on a small area, damaging less area of a surrounding tissue, than a traditional surgical operations.

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