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Limb dysfunction therapy

Rehabilitation of the limbs concerns patients after all kinds of injuries and with neurological disorders. Innovative devices for neurorehabilitation and rehabilitation of upper and lower limbs are designed to improve patients' health.

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Hand trainer HANDII

HANDII is an exercise tool which can be used in the hand therapy. It is intended to increase the range of motion in the joints of the hand and muscle strength of this area.

Wrist joint rehabilitation device Pictor

PICTOR allows the individual to achieve the complex rehabilitation of the wrist joint based on active and self-assisted exercises which are needed to rebuild the functions of the anatomical movements of the wrist.

Crurotalar joint rehabilitation device Draco

DRACO device enables active, self-assisted and resistance exercises of the ankle.

Knee and ankle rehabilitation device Avior

AVIOR device enables effective rehabilitation through self-assisted, active, resistance and functional exercises of the crurotalar joint.

Water Cycle Pro

Professional bike for resistance exercises in water. The device is used for the rehabilitation of people with spinal column problems, arthritis, problems with cardiovascular and respiratory system, as well as with osteoporosis.

Fine motoric tables without resistance for manual hand exercises KTM BO

Fine motoric tables without resistance for manual hand exercises.

Fine motoric tables with resistance for manual hand exercises KTM

Fine motoric tables with resistance for manual hand exercises KTM.

Treatment cage UGUL

Treatment Cage for Pulley Therapy, a cage for exercises and partial (segmental) or total body suspension, detachable panels (rectangular steel grids) at the top and 3 sides.

Platform for gait and balance improvement PDB-2 with sandals

Hand crafted wobble balance platforms are quality exercise devices for balance and proprioceptive exercises. Designed to improve coordination, concentration and motor function, actively strengthen core muscles, ankles, knees, legs and back.

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