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Hydrotherapy medical equipment

Hydrotherapy, also called water therapy is a part of medicine using water in pain relief and treatment. Modern hydrotherapy therapies employ mineral baths, underwater massage baths, water jet, whirpool bath, dry massage equipment and many more.

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Water treadmill for rehabilitation Aquamotion

Aquamotion water treadmill is an exceptional and professional medical product for underwater treatments.

'Dry' Co2 baths and ozone baths TOWER MX-1

The Only chamber available on the market that allows to perform both 'dry' CO2 baths and ozone baths.

Aquaray - Bath tub for automatic hydromassage

Therapeutic bath tub for SPA. Aquaray has 3 standard programs: P1, P2, P3, user programs (P4-P20), 98 aeration apertures for air bubble massage (14x7 apertures) and 2 temperature sensors.

Water Cycle Pro

Professional bike for resistance exercises in water. The device is used for the rehabilitation of people with spinal column problems, arthritis, problems with cardiovascular and respiratory system, as well as with osteoporosis.

Apparatus for vibration massage Aquavibron

Apparatus for vibration massage with a set of massage tips.

Dry carbon dioxide bath device CARBObed

Modern device for dry baths in CO2, fully automated treatment; effective and fast sealing of treatment chamber, automated refilling of CO2 and circulation of gas inside treatment chamber, automated humidification of CO2, gas temperature adjustment from 30°C to 40°C; mobile bed construction, regulated position of head support.

Balneological hydromassage tub Orionmed Balneo

Bath tub for balneological hydromassage with economical use of water - min. 160 L, max. 280 L, 26 nozzles for hydro massage without zones (all nozzles work simultaneously), pump “dry-run” protection, disinfection and descaling system, a system of removing water from the water ducts, colour touch panel, 2 temperature sensors, pump and fittings...

Jet shower ORKAN type NBC2

Orkan whip showers allow to use thermal and mechanical water properties during therapeutic treatment.

Jet shower ORKAN type NBC1

Jet shower with two water jet guns. Application: treatment of muscle and joint rheumatism while there is no inflammation treatment of sciatica treatment of stomach and bowel disfunctions

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